Artebia Design

Artebia Design

Artebia Design

Artebia Design is a Finnish design shop located in ArabiaCenter, Helsinki. We have a diverse selection of products made in Finland. We believe in sustainable way of production, and make all our decisions based on that belief. 

We have collected many of our products from individual artists and small suppliers, whose products are not to be found anywhere else than in our shop. This makes our selection unique. You can also find the well-known Moomin products in our store.

We believe in beauty as well as in practicality in everyday life. In Artebia you can find products that combine good design, quality and sustainable development.

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A letter from Santa!

A perfect Christmas Greeting: A letter from Santa!

Send a letter for a loved one straight from Ear Mountain. The official letter from Santa Claus Foundation has Christmas greetings from Santa, personalized with a recipient's name. Available in English, Finnish and Chinese.

4,90 € FINLAND

Shipping costs are included.

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